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VNK has been active in the medicinal and aromatic herb market for seventy years. We supply customers with aromatic herbs for the food industry, medicinal herbs for the pharmaceutical industry and herb mixtures for the animal feed industry. Our focus is on growing and drying leaf herbs and herbal roots, and on trading herbs all over the world.



Customers appreciate our extensive quality assurance systems for tasty and healthy herbs. We use our own breeding material and growing methods, and make use of independent certification. We stand for reliable delivery and have a worldwide network with loyal customers. We focus on a sustainable and efficient cooperation with buyers and growers with maximum attention for people and environment. Our range of organic herbs is steadily increasing. By providing good and reliable service to our customers, and focusing on product and market development, we wants to create higher value in the chain. VNK has a beautiful production location, unique drying techniques and skilled staff.


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VNK has a passion for growing herbs and a strong bond with a close group of growers. Through our intensive guidance and knowledge sharing with the growers we create involvement and co-responsibility. We strive for a professional and personal bond with our growers, which enables us to produce good end products for our customers. The Netherlands has a very good agricultural infrastructure that VNK also benefits from. VNK exports most of its products and benefits from the good Dutch transport network, the port of Rotterdam and cooperation with agricultural knowledge institutes. VNK itself has a modern production plant in the middle of the new polder Flevoland.